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We acknowledge that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. When the ceremony is over, the dinner and speeches finished, the one remaining priority is that your family, friends and guests have as much fun as possible. What will people remember the most? The party!! In relation to the entertainment aspect of your wedding, Ten Souljers live wedding band is the answer to your every aspiration.

We are not just an exceptional band. We are your Event Partner! Our duties stretch to far more than just performance. We are there with you every step of the way. 

From pre-event planning, through to venue liaison, helping to select a that special song for your first dance, close attention to music preferences, special song requests, ceremony music, a live background ensemble for during reception, a special upbeat song when the happy couple make their entrance, specially selected playlists for during dinner and breaks. You can trust us with everything! We understand the stress involved when planning a wedding, and it is our pleasure to assume responsibility for all aspects of your entertainment. Your requests and requirements will be fastidiously upheld.

You will find that all of your messages will be responded to "Lickadee-Split"!! No stone will be left unturned to ensure that your wedding is the one everyone recalls as "the best wedding they've ever been to"! This we promise!!

We will stop at nothing to give you exactly what you want. 


included in the package:

  • Recorded or live music during dinner
  • The band will perform your first dance (advance notice required)
  • Choose your own songlist
  • Requests taken on behalf of Bride and Groom and their family's
  • Fabulous sound and lighting system with engineer
  • Use of the sound system and microphones etc for speeches and toasts
  • Any time advice regarding your entertainment requirements


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entertainment options

  • As the bride makes her entrance, you may opt to have one of our world class female singers to sing a song that holds a special meaning to one - or both of you. Upon request, a keyboard player or an acoustic guitar player can accompany the singing.
  • Our supremely accomplished jazz and background trio, quartet, and quintet are always a popularly appreciated addition to wedding receptions.
  • You may wish to opt for our fabulously talented string quartet to play for you at the reception and before the ceremony.
  • Our strolling violin player, Marissa Deans can add a touch of class to your wedding dinner. (See strolling violin page)
  • Ten Souljers, your wedding band, the best live band in the city of Vancouver take the stage in their full glory! A fantastic finale to your wedding.

Contact Marty for quotes and further details.

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Mark and Monika Kinskofer

"The polls are in on our wedding! We asked our guests what their favourite thing was at our wedding. Was it the food, the décor, the ceremony? Almost 80% of our guests said that the BAND at the reception was the highlight of their night.  We both agree with them. Ten Souljers blew everyone away from the second they took the stage.  People that we didn't think liked to dance were on the floor…and most for the entire night until they kicked us all out!  Thank you for all the booty shakin’ memories." 

Christian and Janice Wong

Marty Robson and the TEN SOULJERS were very much a BIG part of our wedding day! The reception was truly memorable for my husband and I and all of our guests, and a large part of that was because the band was incredible THROUGHOUT. And when I mean throughout, I truly mean that they were integral in almost every aspect of our reception. That’s right – they weren’t just there at the end of the night but were there the entire time. They were a large part of our “special entrance” that required certain cues and timing; our first dance that required every beat and word to be exact and en pointe due to all of the cues involved with the choreography; our beautiful father-daughter dance; our surprise flash mob that involved 40+ dancers and the entire band and required an insane amount of planning and coordination; even our wedding games that required them to really add flare and excitement to the games; and of course 3 hours of solid electrifying music (a set list with the perfect mixture of the greatest oldies hits to the catchiest current top 40s hits that everybody of all ages can dance to!) to end the night. Of course, all of this required lots of time and planning and flexibility and patience from Marty and the entire band. We had lots of specific requests in order to execute our plans perfectly, and Ten Souljers was absolutely AMAZING throughout the entire process from beginning to end. So THANK YOU TEN SOULJERS for all of your help, patience, time, hard work, and for being so accommodating. We are so extremely grateful, and I cannot thank you enough for being such a large part of our big day. You guys made it fun, exciting, and unforgettable in so many ways.

I also want to comment that their cover of our first dance and our father-daughter dance was truly beautiful. I know they worked very hard to make it perfect for us, and it was more than perfect! We were worried at first, but my husband and I agree that we loved their cover more than the original! And particularly loved the addition of the horns in the songs that added class and beauty to these two already beautiful songs. The flash mob was equally as amazing and it still makes me feel all excited when I think back on the energy that was there during that dance.

Truly an absolutely incredible performance! And it certainly was so much fun dancing into the night with the band and their moving lights - the energy was really electric! Our guests were there till the very last song because the band was that great. Everybody at the wedding was so impressed with the band. We received so many compliments about the band and how much fun they were having with them. People are STILL talking about the band 2 weeks after the wedding. Makes me kind of want to crash the next wedding they’ll be at ;) haha (joking but not really) To that note, you will also find some dates of some of their performances on their website!! Check them out – you won’t regret it. They really are Canada’s #1 band! (Also a note that they are the band playing at the annual Sun Runs AND the band that played at this year’s 150 Years Canada Day celebrations!)

Thank you again Marty and all the Souljers! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!