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Vancouver Dance Band

vancouver's most amazing dance band

No matter if we are performing as a 5 piece or a 10 piece dance band, the floor is ALWAYS packed with impulsively happy,  uninhibited party-goers, inspired to dance by one of the very best party bands in the world.

Our abiding focus at Ten Souljers is to the deliver best show possible at every wedding, party, dance or event, providing a diversity of music that suits everyone. The band are champions at generating a real connection with their audience, and the group is left in no doubt that they have been part of something very special.

how a live dance band can light up your vancouver event

At Ten Souljers we listen first. Careful attention is paid to the theme, the occasion, the demographic, the special requests, so that we can prepare and deliver accordingly. 

Our strongest asset is the ability to fill a dance floor, no matter what the event. Whether it be a wedding, a corporate event, a private party, a fund-raising gala event, a festival, we have an inherent instinct as to what and how to perform. Ten Souljers present a 100% live sound and live feel. No backing tracks, no sequencing, no lap tops! The result: Awe-inspiring, authentic live energy, a full dance floor from start to finish, ensuring satisfied clients and repeat bookings!  

Ten Souljers, Vancouver's Premier Dance, Party, Event Band

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