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Marty Robson
- Band Leader / Vocals

Marty is the proud leader of Ten Souljers. A former lead vocalist of some of the biggest, most recognized tribute bands in the UK, he came to Vancouver with a mission. To put together the best ten piece band in the world. Doggedly determined, Marty has built the band into what it is today. His passion and commitment to the cause is unwavering, and is noticeable both on and off stage. Equally noticeable are his socks.

Marty - "Each and every member of Ten Souljers has been carefully chosen, essentially for their musical abilities, but equally as importantly, their attitude, professionalism, and compatibilty. This group is the hardest working, best, and most talented I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I am living the dream".


D'arcy Han
- Lead Vocals

Born into a musical family, D’arcy started classical piano training at the age of 4, and made her vocal debut at age 8 on Chinese national TV.

Prior to joining Ten Souljers, D’arcy performed with jazz and gospel pianist Peter Dent, World Music ensemble ASZA, and Juno-nominated artist Randy Raine-Reusch. Her recording credits include lead vocals on albums by South American artist Edgar Manuela as well as background vocals for the Juno-nominated album Road to Kashgar by the Orchid Ensemble. In 2004, D’arcy represented North America in Beijing to compete in what was the equivalent of “Chinese Idol”, the most watched Chinese nationally broadcast "talent" show. D’arcy came in 3rd place.

D'arcy is an ever-present member of Ten Souljers. Her rapidly growing talents receive great acclaim from clients and audiences alike, and she has made herself an irreplaceable member in a very short space of time. She is a multi-talented singer with the rare ability to 'make a song her own'. D'arcy says, "I am proud and thrilled to be part of such a fantastic band. I can't wait to find out what the future holds for us".


Lee McDonough
- Guitarist

Born in Liverpool England, Lee began playing the guitar at the age of fourteen after seeing Paul Stanley of "Kiss"  do a star jump. He trained at Salford University gaining a first class Honors Degree and a Performance Masters Degree in music, and also became a proficient Star Jumper himself, winning fourteenth place in the all-England Championships.

Lee, a very popular member of the Souljers family, has been teaching and working professionally in music for over fifteen years.  Lee's experience covers a wide range of styles, including rock, pop, blues, soul / R&B and all types of jazz from traditional to contemporary. He has performed in various show bands in theatres across England and on cruise ships all over the world. Lee has made various live Canadian TV appearances on Daytime Rogers, Global Montreal and Omni Culture.  In addition Lee has performed live on radio stations across America and in a Danish circus!

"Playing with Ten Souljers is the pinnacle of my career in music. As a musician, to play such a diverse repertoire, and to be part of a phenomenally talented team is extremely rewarding".


Karlo Martin
- Keys and Triangle

Karlo Martin is a talented and pivotal member of the Souljers. His infectious enthusiasm for music, and his tremendous ivory tinkling prowess are as much an asset as any other section of the band.

Karlo is one of the newest members of Ten Souljers, and after a seemless transition he is making an immediate impact with his quick fingers and natural groove. His sharp wit and turn of phrase are the cornerstone of pre-gig Green Room antics.

Karlo comes from experienced pastures and has toured with icons such as Tina Turner.

Karlo says, "I am a true blue Souljer and proud to be so, and I'm the guy what finds things".


Jim 'The Reverend Hopper' Hopson - Trombone & Arrangements

Jim joined Ten Souljers in 2008, after being 'discovered' at a beer tasting playing James Brown tunes.  Since then, he has become the band's primary source of both horn arrangements and comic relief.

Jim moved to Vancouver in 2007, having completed a BMus in Trombone Performance at the University of Victoria.  He is a freelance performer and music educator with a wealth of experience in classical, Latin, jazz, folk, and pop music.  Jim's musical career has taken him all over the world, including performances in Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Japan, and the United States.  In addition to trombone, Jim also plays euphonium and Swiss alphorn.

Jim comments on playing with Ten Souljers: "This band has the best group dynamic I've ever experienced.  The chemistry on- and off-stage is truly remarkable, and the levels of musicianship, showmanship, and professionalism are top-notch.  When Ten Souljers is laying down a tasty groove and the dance floor is hoppin', there's nowhere else I want to be!"


Malcolm Aiken Trumpet 

BC born trumpeter Malcolm Aiken moved directly into the realm of 2nd best looking Souljer behind leader, Marty (who also gets to write his bio).

The band's newest addition, Malcolm brings finesse, quality and style to the section, taking them to even greater heights than ever before. 

His on-stage energy is contagious and his solo playing staggering! 

Malcolm has shared the stage with the likes of Chucho Valdez, Hugh Fraser and Bubi Chen, and has performed for international audiences at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and for world figures including the Dalai Lama, Reverend Jim Hopson and Shirin Ebadi.


Karina Morin - Lead Vocals

Karina Morin is a power-house lead vocalist with the voice of a Godess and the ability to sing any style. Karina joined Ten Souljers in the summer of 2010 and fitted in to the band as easily as a goose toots in the fog. A highly motivated, well loved and influential member, Karina brings with her unparallelled energy, passion and huge stage presence. She is an amazing performer, and an inspiration to those around her, including the audience!!

She has formed an excellent partnership with D'arcy, and together they represent the most formidable pairing in the city of Vancouver and beyond.

Karina says, "Ten Souljers is the bomb Dog!!  I'm having a blast"!


Scotty K. Jones - Drummer

Scotty is one of the best drummers in the great city of Vancouver. He began playing at age 11, and quickly became obsessed with practicing.

After graduating from high school in Fort St. John B.C Scotty moved to Nelson B.C. to attend Selkirk College where he obtained a diploma in Music performance - majoring in Jazz drums. It was there, under the guidance of Drum master Steven J. Parrish, that he developed the skills to perform and record a plethora of different musical styles.

Since then Scotty has played countless shows with many bands across western Canada and recorded numerous albums with different musical projects.

Two years ago Scotty agreed to join Vancouver heavyweights "Ten Souljers" after being offered a $50,000 signing bonus. He gave it back when he realized that Monopoly money just don't cut it.

Scotty is a pivotal member of Ten Souljers – the "heartbeat" of the band. He gives no less than 100% effort and energy every time he performs. His feel, his groove and his ability to use dynamics to bring a song to life, are held in the greatest of esteem by his fellow members.

"Playing with these clowns is the most fun I have had in my career in music. It doesn’t get any better than this!"


Matt Reid - Bass

Known in Ten Souljers for laying down heavy unrelenting grooves and for being something of a song-list fascist, Matt Reid is a musician and composer with experience in a wide array of musical genres. In High School, he formed his first band, the funk rock group, Earthmen, who became one of the largest drawing bands in the late 90's, based out of Victoria BC. In 2000, the group released their debut album "Carbon" and performed extensively in support of it. In 2002, Matt relocated to Nagoya, Japan, where he composed and performed the score for the documentary "the Sounds of Sunshine".

Movng back to Canada in 2005, Matt enrolled in the Vancouver Community College School of Music, where he studied bass and composition, and ballet. While earning his diploma in jazz performance as Class Valedictorian, he joined Ten Souljers, Vancouver's premier event band.

In the Spring of 2007, Matt composed, performed and recorded the score to the internationally acclaimed childrens documentary, "Anita's Africa", winner of five international film awards including the Chicago international children's film festival award for best documentary. In January 2009, Matt composed, recorded and produced the sound track to Vy's Vietnam, recently nominated at the Yorkton Film Festival.

Matt is a truly brilliant bass player and sets very high standards, both musically and professionally. He is a source of inspiration to everyone in the band, and is greatly responsible for the ever-present high morale. His energy is second to none, and his stage presence transmits to his band mates, as well as the audience.

Matt says, "It is an honor to be part of this rhythm section. However, I wish I hadn't hung my head out the car window on the day I had this picture taken. By the way - when are we going to do the Motown Medley"?


Dominic "Dominator" Conway Tenor saxophone

Dominic has been playing saxophone since he was knee high to a grasshopper! A natural born performer, a thunderous soloist, and a permanent live wire. Dominic is undoubtedly an integral part of the horn section. He adds charisma, energy and class to what has become the tightest and most entertaining of horn sections.